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Janie's Tools

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Janie's Cool Tools, annotated

Contact Janie at janieh@gmail.com



  1. Jott: Consider this to be Voice Mail 2.0. Instead of texting, use Jott from any phone to call a toll-free number and have a spoken note transcribed, texted, e-mailed to yourself or anyone else you choose. Great for leaving email messages while on the go or sending to your blog while on the road.


  2. Tada: Create, Share, and Store "to do" lists for everything from your Christmas shopping to daily task list. Easy to update and accessible from any computer.


  3. CoziCentral: A calendar servcie designed for busy families. Assign a color code to each family member to easily keep track of schedules. You can also leave messages and create shopping lists.


  4. Zamzar: Easily and quickly convert files from one format to another without the need for software. Convert text, images, video, and sound files and then have the conversion emailed for downloading.


  5. Slideshare: Think of it as YouTube for PowerPoint. A great place to share your own presentations or to view what others have posted. 


  6. Weebly: Create a web site by dropping and dragging the elements you need and then selecting from a template to dress it up. No need to know html and they will even host it for your for free. 


  7. Goog411: Dial 1-800-GOOG-411( 1-800-466-4411) from any phone to be connected directly to a business for no charge! This is 411 service enhanced. Just say the name and location to be put through in flash.


  8. Google Docs: Wordprocessing, spreadsheets and presentations can all be created and shared at the online office suite that will soon rival products that cost many hundreds of dollars. Best of all, you can colloborate with colleagues on a document and have revisions archived


  9. Picnik: A photoediting site that not only allows you to crop and remove red-eye, but also use an array of filters and special effects. You can synch it up with your photosharing services (such as flickr).


  10. Pandora: Personalized streaming music stations that you can listen to while you work (we all need to destress somehow).

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